Posted September 15, 2018 09:02:20A new way of seeing the world, with the help of a painting technique, has been used to capture the colours and textures of the skies in a way that is far more natural and easy to follow.

Key points:Aerial photographer and artist John Breslin uses a technique called sky oil paintings to capture sky colours in a natural wayThis was pioneered by a New Zealand photographer, who has since become the world’s foremost sky painterJohn Breslings technique is based on a mathematical method known as fractal geometry, in which the shape of a circle is broken down into smaller and smaller sections that form an intricate structure known as a fractal.

It uses computer generated models to capture colours, shapes and textures, which are then combined to create a composite image.

Mr Bresler says he has been able to capture skies in the Northern Hemisphere for the last 20 years, and has been painting for the past 10.

“The skies have been very, very clear for me and the skies are the perfect environment for capturing the natural colour of the sky,” he said.

“You can take it with you wherever you go, whether it’s in the mountains, the ocean, the city, whatever.”

I love capturing the beauty of the air in its purest form.

“Mr Bredlings method relies on a method known colloquially as the fractal geometrical method, in that it involves breaking a circle into smaller pieces and repeating the process.”

It’s like going through a kaleidoscope,” he says.”

When you start off with the smallest circle you get to the largest circle you start to get to some pretty beautiful things, but eventually you start getting to the smallest smaller circle you can’t make any more circles and you start seeing the larger circle.

“As you go through the whole process, you get more and more beautiful, and eventually you get a nice little kaleidoscopic effect that you can see through.”

Mr Meech says that this is one of the most natural and naturalistic ways of seeing that he has encountered.

“If you look at the sky, there’s a great deal of different colours and different textures that go through, so it’s very natural to look at that,” he explained.

“There’s not a lot of maths involved in it, so you can look at it and see how it would look if it were painted on the same canvas.”

He said it was easy to get a good image when he started out and that it helped him to understand the world and the way that the universe works.

“Just from looking at it, I could see that the Earth is made of solid matter and all of the planets are orbiting in their own orbits, and they’re all spinning and they spin in different ways,” he added.

“And so when I looked at the shapes of the planet and the sun and the moon, it was all made up of the same kind of stuff, so I could get a picture of how the Earth looks like.”

Mr Kelleher said that while it may not be for everyone, sky painting could be the next step in a new approach to the way people view the world.

“My whole life I’ve been painting and it’s always been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and I’ve always felt like it was something I could be good at,” he noted.

“So it’s a very natural and naturally-seeming process and I love it.”