Posted November 07, 2018 08:06:55A mystery man who spray painted a house with the highly corrosive oil paint in northern Alberta has been charged.

The incident happened in Fort McMourray on Nov. 6, 2018, when police were called to the house where the painting was allegedly done.

Officers were called around 7:20 p.m. to the property in the 3200 block of Highway 4 near the Alberta border.

They said they found the property had been sprayed with the oil paint and they arrested the suspect, 21-year-old Christopher Wren, on Nov 8.

Police say Wren was charged with wilful damage to property, wilful destruction of property and possession of an oil or petroleum product.

Wren also faces an assault charge.

Fort McMurran resident Amanda LeClair said she was surprised the incident occurred in the community where she lives and where her family lives.

“I was very surprised to see this.

I’m a resident and I’m in the area and I just thought it was strange,” LeClaire said.”

My family is still very close to Fort McMunray and I was surprised that it happened there.”

LeClair and her husband are part of a community that has been battling to get the oil industry to clean up the spill that has polluted the region for weeks.

“It’s really unfortunate because there are some very nice people out there,” LeBlair said.

The Alberta Energy Regulator says a preliminary investigation found that the paint was painted using a paint thinner, a paint additive and an oil-based solvent, and was sprayed on a home in the early morning hours.

The company says it has begun removing the paint.

The company said the paint will be replaced and that the suspect will be facing a charge of wilful damages to property.

“The paint is now being replaced.

The offence was wilfully damaged property,” the company said in a statement.