The sunset oil paint on this wall at the Grand Canyon National Park is one of many pieces that are part of a collection that was created by a private collector.

The piece, which is now in the National Park Service’s collections, was part of the private collector’s collection and was created in 1928.

It depicts a sunset on the canyon floor in the desert near Las Vegas, Nevada.

This sunset oil was created and sold in 1929 and was valued at $150,000, according to the National Parks Conservation Association.

It was donated to the park by a retired mining executive, who used it to paint the backdrop for his wedding.

“I thought it was great, because I thought that the sunset would bring people together,” he said.

“It would be something like a giant banner or a huge poster, so I figured I would do that.”

This sunset image was sold in a private sale to the Grand Valley State University, a private school in Michigan, in 2014.

It had been painted on the wall in the middle of the day by a local artist.

He had hoped the piece would attract a large crowd to the ceremony.

It sold for $8,400.

However, the artist was not paid for the painting, according.

He sold it on the internet and the painting was sold for a further $2,500.

“He didn’t get paid for it,” the collector said.

The painting had been purchased from a local dealer and was sold on eBay.

The seller contacted the park and asked for permission to sell the piece.

The park was in possession of the painting and had to get permission from the seller to remove it from the wall, according with the National Archives.

The buyer, who asked not to be identified, said he had paid $150 for the piece and would be returning it to the state.

“So we took it, we put it in the vault and we gave it back to the collector,” the buyer said.

In 2016, the painting became part of Grand Canyon State University’s permanent collection.

The university is a private institution and the artwork is no longer part of its collection.

“The university is now very proud of the work of the artist and would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his wonderful contribution to our university,” the university said in a statement.

The National Park Services, which manages the Grand and Grand Canyon national parks, does not keep records of private ownership of objects.

In the case of the sunset painting, the private buyer was not named.

The art is part of “the Grand Canyon Landmark Collection,” which includes works from 1856 to the present, according the National Historic Preservation Act.