Bharatiya Nationalist Congress Party (BNC) has won the five-seat state assembly elections with a stunning victory.

The party has secured a total of 10,06,927 votes, or 43.75% of the total votes cast in the polls.

This is up from 5,93,000 votes in the previous state assembly polls in 2016, when it had fielded three candidates.

The BJP, which has dominated the assembly polls, secured its first victory in the state after taking the lead with 12,99,619 votes, which is up 14.11% from last year.

The Congress, which won only a single seat in the assembly elections, has managed to pull away from the BNC with 8,39,723 votes, up from 8,36,732 votes.

This puts the BJP on its way to victory with a majority in the legislature.

The BJP has also secured its fourth seat in Bihar.

The Bharatiyas ruling party has been in power in the south-western state for more than a decade, but the election was seen as a test of its credentials as a ruling party in the country.

The BNC, a right-wing outfit, is led by the Congress’ former chief minister Nitish Kumar and his son, Prashant Kumar, both of whom are expected to contest the polls for the state assembly.

Nitish and Prashants mother Nitish Jain have been at loggerheads since the end of 2016 over the issue of reservation in the appointment of ministers.

The two parties have been embroiled in a bitter row over a Supreme Court order to remove the term “nationality” from the Constitution, and Prayut Sangharsh Samiti (SDS), the BJP’s political wing, has staged a series of protests demanding the resignation of the former chief justice of the Supreme Court, P Sathasivam.