In the first installment of our new series, we look at the latest in safe and affordable oil paint and how to find the best one.

The following is a look at some of the safer, cheaper, and best paint for painting, including an overview of the various oils, paints, and coatings available today.


Glimmer oil painting paint: Glimmers are an extremely versatile paint, with its ability to cover almost any surface.

It is the cheapest option when it comes to paint, at just $2.95 per gallon.


Rustoleum paint: Rustoleums are an all-purpose, color-fast, flexible, and water-soluble oil-based paint.

They have a long shelf life and can be used on virtually anything.


Polyurethane paint: Polyureths are an inexpensive, water-based oil-solvent paint that is widely used in construction.

The price range is very low, but it is extremely effective and durable.


Cinnamal paint: Cinnams are a water-free, oil-free oil- and grease-based, durable, and highly durable paint.

Cinsams are often used for the construction of roofs and windows, but they are also used for a wide variety of other purposes.


Ozone paint: Ozone paints are an advanced and environmentally friendly paint that contains nitrogen dioxide, which can be toxic.

It can be a great paint for creating the illusion of a natural, green, and bright appearance.


Oxide paint: Oxides are an organic, liquid, non-toxic, high-performance, nonporous, water soluble, oil free, and high-temperature, colorfast paint that can be applied to almost any color surface.

They are the most economical paint for general-purpose work.


PVA paint: PVA paints are a non-porous and water based, nonhazardous, oil and grease free paint.

It has a longer shelf life, can be sprayed on surfaces that have many colors, and is easy to apply.


Naphthalene paint: Naphthals are a combination of water-repellent and oil-repelling acrylics.

They can be great for the general-use applications of building paints and building materials, but can be difficult to work with.


Synthetic paint: Synthetic paints are non-water-rejecting, nontoxic paint that uses a variety of colors and pigments to create a wide range of effects.


Glovelite: Glooms are a versatile, water resistant, nonwoven-polyester, nonpigmented paint.

When applied to the exterior of your home, they are durable and flexible, but not too flexible.

It works well on concrete, brick, and metal surfaces.


Nylon paint: A lightweight, nonstick, waterproof paint that has been used for over a century to make many different types of textiles.

The name is derived from the material’s softness, and it is used on many of the most popular textiles and construction materials.


Polyvinyl chloride: Polyvinylene is a highly-stable, flexible and waterproof plastic that is also used to make a wide array of household goods and home decor products.


Zinc oxide paint: Zinc oxides are a soft, waterproof, noncombustible paint that provides a highly durable finish to many different surfaces, including wood, glass, ceramics, paper, and vinyl.


Acrylic paint: Acrylics are water- and oil repellent paints that are used to create many different forms of textile.

They also can be mixed with a variety (including some that do not work) and are a good choice for applications where they work well.


Acetone: Acetones are a high-intensity liquid that is used for industrial, medical, and food processing.

It contains acetone, a chemical that is an antiseptic and disinfectant.

It also works well for building materials and automotive paint.


Zebra paints: Zebra colors are a type of paint that was created for use in traditional Chinese traditional medicine and has been widely used for centuries.

It provides a vivid, vibrant color with an almost transparent finish.


Polyethylene tar: Polyethylenes are a chemical solvent, which means they can be made to form a wide spectrum of colors, from black to green.

They work well on almost any fabric or paint, and can also be used to apply a variety to the interior of your house.


Luster paint: Luster paints are soft, water and oil resistant paints that come in a variety types.

They do not need to be diluted with water or oil.

They look good on almost all