Trump administration orders water oil paintings for troops

President Donald Trump signed an executive order Thursday ordering the transfer of $5.3 billion in water-quality-monitoring equipment to the Pentagon for use in military operations.The order, which Trump signed after a day of meetings with the families of soldiers killed during the Iraq war, is part of a broader effort to improve the nation’s water […]

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How to paint oil paintings in 3D

Oil paintings can be done in 3d with only a few tools.These are available for many people and for a few different things.If you want to paint an oil painting, you’ll need to make sure you have the correct tools and the right materials to do it.There are also a few tips to follow to […]

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How to fix the iPad’s battery issues

The iPad Pro has been plagued by battery issues for a while now.Apple’s iOS 10.4.2 update for the iPad Pro took a hit, with reports of slow performance, overheating and battery drain, though there’s no denying the problem persists.This past weekend, a number of users reported a battery drain on their iPads, with one user […]

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How to get the best oil painting on the planet

Oil painting is the art of painting large abstract works of art.Each piece of art is composed of a transparent oil paint.When an artist paints, the paint is sprayed onto a piece of paper.The paper then gets coated with a translucent oil paint before it is cut.The result is an abstract canvas with different colors […]

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What is Baroque Oil Painting?

The painting is a product of the Baroques oil painting school, which was founded in 1851.The school teaches how to create realistic paintings using oil paints, oils, varnishes, oils and acrylics.The oil paintings are created by students using oil paint and oil based paints.In this example, the student paints an orange with a yellowish red […]

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